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UK Entrepreneur Visa

UK Entrepreneur Visa

United Kingdom’s Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa is one of the most famous immigration schemes for Indian entrepreneurs and traders. With an investment of £200,000, you can actually start their own enterprise in the UK, with a family visa of 3 years that could later be extended for another 2 years. Subsequently, after five years the circle of relatives can follow for agreement.

Examine under for complete details on the United Kingdom Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa & Global Gateways Immigration services

Approximately the United Kingdom

The UK of superb Britain and northern are, is commonly called the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain
The United Kingdom is an advanced united and has the arena’s 7th-biggest financial system with the aid of nominal GDP and the eighth-largest economic system by buying power parity

It turned into the sector’s first industrialized country and the world’s essential strength in the course of the 19th and early twentieth centuries

The United Kingdom remains an extremely good power with leading monetary, cultural, army; clinical and political have an impact on

It’s far and identified nuclear guns country and its military expenditure ranks fourth in the world
  • Populace: 62,262,000
  • Capital: London
  • Forex: Pound (GBP)
  • Change rate: 1 GBP = 98.74
  • Indians inside the UK
  • These days, Indians include approximately 1.4 million human beings within the United Kingdom
  • Indians are single largest seen ethnic minority population in the United Kingdom
  • Indians make up the biggest subgroup of British Asians and are certainly one of the biggest Indian communities in the Indian diaspora, in particular, because of the Indian-British members of the family
  • The British Indian network is the fifth largest inside the Indian diaspora
  • Why put money into united kingdom- pinnacle 10 reasons
The perfect vicinity to set up and run an enterprise is Europe: in line with an international bank take a look at, it takes most effective thirteen days to set up an enterprise in the UK. The arena bank has ranked the UK first in Europe and sixth within the global to perform a business.

An internationally aggressive tax environment for overseas traders: United Kingdom has the bottom company tax at 28 percentages which is the bottom in the G7. The highest non-public tax bond at forty percentages is also the bottom within the European.

Most flexible markets in Europe: consistent with an international financial institution document, the UK stands in the second region to hire employees.

Least obstacles to entrepreneurship: OECD has diagnosed the United Kingdom as the second one in the international for Product marketplace regulation. It also ranks 2nd for the least limitations to entrepreneurship and third for the least obstacles to change funding inside the global.
International leaders in innovation: the United Kingdom is thought for its satisfactory studies base and ranks second on the list of most effective locations for innovation.

Solid Political Environments: Transparency international prices the United Kingdom better at the transparency list. The United Kingdom is the country with the least corruption within the international. It achieves a better rating in comparison to the USA, Japan, Germany, and France.

Stable Regulatory environment: the United Kingdom follows a consultative approach for the components of regulation that is beneficial for enterprise surroundings.

Smooth assets registration: Registering belongings inside the United Kingdom is less complicated in contrast to Italy, Eire, France, and Germany.

An international language for an enterprise: English being the operational language has advantages while doing commercial enterprise globally.

Gateway to the ECU marketplace: the United Kingdom acts as an incredible gateway to the European market which has 27 member states and an approximate populace of 500 million.

Source: Investing. Internet
  • Tier 1- Entrepreneur Visa assessment
  • Low investment
  • Circle of relatives Visa for 3 years
  • Can get an extension for two years
  • Leads to the agreement after a 5 years residence in the UK
  • Beyond business enjoy not required
Faster processing
  • Get entry to United Kingdom schooling and Healthcare for own family
  • Tier 1- Entrepreneur: a way to qualify?
  • Have access to GBP £2 100,000
  • Has to fund of GBP £50,000 from UK listed companies
  • Have to get right of entry to GBP £50,000 if switching from PSW to Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneur: With getting right of entry to GBP £200,000
  • Have access to GBP £200,000
  • May have 2-three sponsors to show funding
  • Can form Partnership with one greater individual to show mixed net asset fee of GBP £200,000
  • Finances need to be held in a regulated monetary institution
  • Funds have to be transferable to the UK
  • Ought to meet the English Language requirement (either recognized Bachelor’s degree or IELTS with 4 in every band)
  • Ought to meet the renovation price range requirement
Software methods
  • Publish the application with originals and the valid passport to the nearest VFS workplace.
  • Processing time: 1-3 months.
  • The application charge is GBP £840 (non-refundable) in keeping with an applicant.
  • Entrepreneur: Have get entry to GBP £50,000 if switching from PSW to Entrepreneur
  • Have to get entry to GBP £50,000 if switching from PSW to Entrepreneur
  • Ought to be registered as self-hired man or woman or Director
  • Should be engaged in a commercial enterprise hobby and career listed in country wide Qualification Framework level 4
  • Price range ought to be held in a regulated monetary organization
  • Funds need to be transferable to the UK
  • Ought to meet the English Language requirement
  • Must meet the preservation finances requirement
Application processes
  • Check in as Self-employed or Director of a brand new or existing enterprise
  • Put up the application with originals and legitimate passport.
  • Processing time: 1-3 months
  • The utility fee is GBP £1,051 (non-refundable) predominant applicant
  • Tier 1- Entrepreneur: Extension criteria
  • Have invested GBP £2 100,000 or GBP £50,000 immediately in one or extra agencies
  • After landing in the UK, inside 6 months time, have registered as a Director of an existing or a brand new enterprise
  • Engaged in commercial enterprise pastime
  • Have created as a minimum 2 jobs
  • Tier 1- Entrepreneur: agreement
  • Follow for PR after 5 years in the UK
To get PR in three years:
  • Create 10 full-time jobs for settling human beings
  • Generate earnings of £5 million in 3 years
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Australia traveler Visa

Follow from your property country assistance from registered migration sellers three months visa go to Australia with your own family

The growth of Australia as a country has invited people from all over the globe - for the look at, for tourism, for commercial enterprise, for social and recreational motives, and greater. In case you need to go Australia for leisure or for commercial enterprise, Subclass six hundred/601/651/444/461/417/462 is the manner to move. These multiple subclasses cater to one-of-a-kind varieties of traffic to Australia.

The visa process laid out through the Australian government isn't always stringent. It only asks for basic documents, consisting of a sponsorship letter from the host present in Australia. Visa tenure is everywhere between three months and 1 12 months. it's not extendable unless in first-rate instances. So a vacationer has to depart the country of a before the visa expires and attain a new visa to make a fresh go to.

Below are a few info related to the same:
For a tourist - If it is an endeavor, entertainment, or a go to the family and pals except for commercial enterprise or clinical remedy, you have alternatives:

Follow from out of doors Australia - Be everywhere inside the world. Put up the visa utility at nearest visa office and obtain the visa

Observe in Australia - Be in Australia. Apply and gain the visa.

For a commercial enterprise vacationer - This visa lets you discover standard commercial enterprise & employment possibilities, carry out negotiations, and participate in meetings. You have to be out of doors Australia to apply for this visa.

For the subsidized circle of relative’s traveler - A sponsorship letter and a bond are needed from a member of the family basically an Australian Citizen or an everlasting resident. You have to be outside Australia to use and gain this visa.

Global Gateways prepares your document for visit visa for Australia in no time. Our professional counselors understand what it takes to have Australian visa stamped in the passport. Communicate to Global Gateways consultant.

See the Sydney Opera residence, Sydney Harbour Bridge, first-rate Barrier Reef, The Twelve Apostles, the Australian Kangaroos, and many other lovely places.
Visit your family and buddies.
Have a look at for up to three months.
Deliver commercial enterprise tourist activities.

To be granted this visa, you ought to:
Meet fitness and man or woman necessities.
Have enough money to aid yourself all through your stay in Australia.
Intend to do the activities inside the movement you are making use of for.

Fitness requirements:
You need to meet positive health requirements. The health examinations you need will depend upon your personal circumstances, along with your duration of life, country of citizenship, time spent in a foreign country over the last five years and your intended sports in Australia. The effects of your health examinations are generally legitimate for 365 days.

Health insurance:
You are accountable for all your health fees at the same time as you're in Australia. You’ll not be covered with the aid of Australia's countrywide fitness scheme (Medicare) unless your country has a reciprocal fitness care agreement with Australia.

We advise which you take out health insurance on every occasion you journey to Australia.

Individual necessities:
You must meet certain person necessities. You should be prepared to offer a police certificates from each country of you've got lived in for 12 months or more at some stage in the past 10 years after you became sixteen years of age. Do now not arrange for police certificates until we ask you to.

Money owed to the Australian government:
You must have no great money owed to the Australian authorities or have organized to pay off any tremendous debts to the Australian government earlier than this visa may be granted.

 You ought to also be able to show that you are traveling to Australia as a genuine tourist, for example as a tourist, for endeavor or to go to your family and buddies.

If you are traveling your own family, we are able to inform you whether or not you need a sponsor or want to pay a protection bond while you practice.

You could be requested to show that you preserve 365 days of medical health insurance cowl.

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Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa

A clever manner to search for a job in Germany.

Germany Job Seeker Visa is an initiative through Federal government to inspire greater certified professionals from overseas to come to Germany. As from 1 August 2012 graduates with a German or other diagnosed college degree or a foreign degree akin to a German degree will be eligible to enter Germany to be trying to find employment. Holders of a jobseeker’s visa might also stay in Germany for up to 6 months to be trying to find employment. To achieve a jobseeker’s visa, candidates must grant proof of their college diploma and that they can aid themselves for the deliberate length in their stay. Whilst in search of employment, job seekers aren't accepted to work, whether on a selfemployed basis or otherwise.

  • Lengthy-time period residence allows that lets in you to live in Germany & look for an activity, this may be granted for six months.
  • Does now not permit working till you exchange this to the residence permit for employment after finding an ok employment.
  • Allows looking for jobs & interviewing with employers.
  • Securing Employment visa turns into easy after you purchased a Jobseeker visa. All you want to do is individually interview and get your process!
  • Once a process is granted, the applicant can follow for house permit- Employment.

  • Germany, formally the Federal Republic of Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in west-primary Europe. The country consists of sixteen states, and its capital and biggest metropolis are Berlin.
  • With 81.8 million inhabitants, it is the most populous member state of the European Union. Germany is one of the most important political and economic powers of the ECU continent and a historical chief in many theoretical and technical fields
  • Germany is a prime business kingdom and one of the international’s largest economies
  • Germany: brief information
  • Place:  357,021 rectangular kilometres
  • Capital metropolis: Berlin
  • Foreign money: Euros
  • Populace: 82 million
  • Foreign money: Euro
  • Trade charge: 1 Euro = 69 INR

In a survey of 27 nations carried out by using the BBC international service in 2011, Germany became once more voted the sector’s maximum famous place. in line with the polling organization Globescan, as reported in UK daily newspaper The everyday Telegraph, this is because “in phrases of lifestyle and its superb merchandise, Germany has a success picture.
Germany has been one of the maximum popular immigration destinations within the global for some time now.

Some eleven million of the people presently living in Germany had been truly born someplace else.
One in 5 human beings in Germany has a migrant background.

Why Germany?
  • Has one of the lowest fees of young people unemployment within the international.
  • Is a land of invention and innovation?
  • Are prime industrial state and one of the international’s biggest economies?
  • 3 German cities are at the listing of “the arena’s ten maximum livable towns”: Duesseldorf, Munich, and Frankfurt
  • One-fourth of all the innovations in the field of the environmental era that are registered with the ECU Patent office come from Germany.
  • Almost 1/2 of all products synthetic via German corporations find their manner to customers in other nations, making Germany the arena’s top exporter.
  • German agencies are extraordinarily competitive and they need ever large numbers of quite trained personnel.
  • There is a shortage of skilled employees in lots of sectors and professions in Germany.
  • a few 5,000 jobs for physicians in German hospitals remain unfilled because of a loss of appropriate candidates.
  • There have been greater unfilled positions for engineers in Germany at the start of 2012 than ever earlier than.
  • As an engineer in Germany, you can assume to earn an annual income up to 45,000 Euros for your first few years.
  • You’re insured against risks inclusive of infection and long-time period care desires – if you have a task in Germany.
Germany Jobseeker Visa- Eligibility

  • Preserve a recognized qualification from German Universities or overseas levels equivalent to German ranges.
  • Sufficient price range and lodging
  • Keep sufficient finances and organized accommodation for the meant live in Germany (6 months).
  • Maintain travel and health insurance

Adequate years of enjoying within the nominated profession let you in finding jobs in Germany, even though this isn't a mandatory requirement.

Must have the deliberate path of movement to comfortable employment in Germany and know-how of employment and profession possibilities in Germany
Switching to Germany Blue Card: upon getting the task, you may follow for Blue Card, from within the country.

Who can practice?

Every person with employment provider of:
  • Annual gross profits of at least 44,800 Euros.
  • 34,944 Euros, in case of professionals in the fields of mathematics, IT, life sciences and engineering
  • Advantages of EU Blue Card
  • European Blue Card holders are entitled to a permanent residence permit after 33 months. Or You may attain your everlasting residence permit after just 21 months if you show language skills B1 level of CEFR
  • Application procedures
  • Report software with concerned German Consulate, with whole documentation.
  • Qualification evaluation and record verification as in step with the discretion of the Consulate.
  • A personal interview may be required to check your information of employment and career possibilities in Germany.
  • You’ll be granted a protracted-time period residence allow –task seeker visa for 6 months. You’ll be allowed to tour to Germany and look for jobs to your skilled location of labor.
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PNP-Specific Express Entry Draw Provides Cause for Optimism

PNP-Specific Express Entry Draw Provides Cause for Optimism

After Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) led an Express Entry draw on November 30 that welcomed hopefuls with a commonplace designation just, applicants in the pool are taking note of how this may profit them over the long haul.

That draw, the 48th altogether since the Express Entry framework was initially propelled about two years prior, is the main attract which just those competitors who had gotten an upgraded commonplace designation testament through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) were issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA). The main different past program-particular attract occurred February 2015, when competitors in the pool qualified under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) were issued an ITA in the event that they met the base Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) cut-off limit.

November 30 Draw

A sum of 559 competitors in the pool with a commonplace selection has issued an ITA in the November 30 draw. The base CRS score required was 786.

Applicants who acquire a selection from a region are granted 600 focuses under the CRS (out of a conceivable aggregate of 1,200), making PNPs by a wide margin the absolute most profitable element under the new CRS that came into compelling a month ago. Given this element, it takes after that hopeful with center CRS scores as low as 186 were issued an ITA in this most recent draw. Center CRS shows a hopeful's score without the extra focuses for a common assignment or a qualifying work offer.

It is likely that most, if not all, hopefuls in the pool with a commonplace selection when the draw was made were issued an ITA. The past draw, which occurred on November 16, saw applicants with at least 470 CRS focuses issued an ITA. Consequently, a sum of 559 hopefuls overhauled their profiles over the two-week time frame between the attracts to tell IRCC that they had gotten a common selection and claim the extra 600 focuses.

In spite of the fact that it had been 21 months since the past program-particular draw, IRCC expressed at the late Annual Immigration Law Summit, held in November in Toronto, that program-particular draws might be considered later on. In fact, it is completely conceivable that a program-particular draw that welcomes competitors qualified under the Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC) or Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) could occur sooner or later.

The response

For most competitors, the November 30 PNP-particular draw was unforeseen, however in any case welcome. On the Canada Immigration Forum, numerous individuals responded emphatically to the news, despite the fact that they may not themselves have been issued an ITA on this event. One part posted that 'This is really the best thing that could happen . . . Along these lines, they clear a portion of the high score people,' while another part included that 'All PNP cases in the pool are presently cleared. This implies the cutoff scores ought to drop impressively.'

That general assessment is going down by IRCC's late proclamations on how late changes to the CRS may banquet applicants with human capital, aptitudes, and experience. IRCC has said that "A decrease of focuses to applicants with masterminded work implies the CRS cut-off will decay."
Partners ought to note that a common selection is not required so as to enter the Express Entry pool or to get an ITA for the changeless living arrangement.

"I think the most recent draw was a savvy proceed onward the piece of IRCC, especially as this was the primary draw taking after the late enhancements made to the Comprehensive Ranking System," says Attorney David Cohen.

"Hopefuls could get a thought with respect to what number of people in the pool was being issued designations over a two-week time span. Those chosen people have now left the pool and, with their ITA, viable have one foot as of now in Canada. In addition, IRCC has expressed on various events over late weeks that it expects the CRS slice off indicate diminish after some time, permitting more possibility to be welcomed in light of their aptitudes, experience, and human capital components."

The PNPs: A late history

2016 has been a breakout year for the PNPs, with Express Entry-adjusted streams driving migration to the regions in more prominent numbers. In 2015, around 13 percent of Express Entry applicants who have issued an ITA had gotten a commonplace assignment declaration through one of the numerous PNPs adjusted to Express Entry. Over the initial nine months of 2016, be that as it may, this expanded to 23 percent.

These streams may open, revive, or change immediately, in this way profiting competitors in the Express Entry pool who keep up an upgraded profile and have their documentation prepared for accommodation. A hefty portion of the reports required to apply for changeless habitation through Express Entry is additionally required to apply for a common assignment through a PNP.

Areas in Western Canada have been especially dynamic over late weeks and months. English Columbia keeps on welcoming qualified gifted laborers and universal graduates to apply to the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). At the season of composing, a sum of 2,693 hopefuls in the government Express Entry pool has been welcome to apply to the BC PNP so far this year.

Saskatchewan's International Skilled Worker – Express Entry sub-class is somewhat extraordinary, working on a first-come, initially served premise. This sub-classification, which has a particular sought after occupations list, has revived on no less than eight events since it was initially presented a year ago. The application admission top is typically filled within days or even hours. Thus, competitors who might be qualified, however, who are not readied, have practically no shot off effectively presenting an application and eventually being granted 600 extra CRS focuses.

Manitoba has additionally been dynamic, with a bit of its Skilled Workers Overseas sub-classification working in arrangement with the government Express Entry framework. The legislature of Manitoba issues Letters of Advice to Apply (LAA) to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) in draws that happen around once every month.

Encourage east, Ontario's fundamental Express Entry-adjusted stream, the well known Human Capital Priorities stream, shut briefly not long ago. This stream was one of a kind in that it was aloof; qualified competitors in the Express Entry pool with no less than 400 CRS focuses could be reached by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), which issues a Notification of Interest (NOI) that permits the contender to apply for a common selection declaration. At the point when the brief respite in new NOIs was declared in May, Ontario expressed that it 'hopes to be in a position to acknowledge applications for a few streams in six months.' Therefore, the Human Capital Priorities stream may revive sooner rather than later.

In the interim, different regions and domains crosswise over Canada have issued commonplace selection endorsements all through 2016. It is normal that numerous regions will keep on launching or re-open committed PNP streams for competitors in the Express Entry pool all through 2017.

There are likewise "base" PNP streams that are not adjusted to the government Express Entry framework. These streams have remarkable criteria that may permit people who are not right now qualified to enter the Express Entry pool to present an application to move to a region or domain in Canada. Competitors in the pool who have yet to get an ITA may likewise seek after their movement choices through the base PNP streams.

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Handling Times for Family Class Immigration Programs to be split

Handling Times for Family Class Immigration Programs to be split

Canada's government Immigration Minister, John McCallum, has declared that handling times for the spousal/precedent-based law accomplice classifications of Family Class movement projects are to be diminished to 12 months, from the present normal of 24 months, with an extra objective to in the long run decrease preparing times to as low as six months.

The Minister made the declaration in Brampton, Ontario on December 7.

The news is probably going to be invited to a huge number of patrons and supported people in Canada and around the globe who as of now have an application in handling, and by couples and families who are planning to make an application later on. Serve McCallum made it clear that the new handling circumstances targets would apply to the individuals who have as of now presented an application, and in addition the individuals who have not yet submitted, including that the division of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) does not wish to have a two-level framework. The first-in, first out rule will be held, so candidates who have as of now presented an application are probably going to see their document conveyed to a choice before candidates who apply (or connected) at a later date.

At the point when the Liberal government took office a year ago, the normal handling time for mates/precedent-based law accomplices of Canadian nationals and perpetual occupants in Canada was 26 months. For mates/customary law accomplices outside Canada, it was the year and a half. The new 12-month target applies to candidates inside and outside Canada.

"The recommendation I certification is that now is the ideal time 12 months, down from 24," said Minister McCallum. "The progressions we're reporting will last will be perpetual. Lawmakers go back and forth; governments travel every which way, yet offices are dependably there. Furthermore, we have enrolled their eagerness, their inclusion in making this new framework thus I think Canadians can be certain that these positive changes are setting down deep roots.

"We have listened to Canadians and are conveying comes about. Uniting families makes for a more grounded Canada. Canadians who wed somebody from abroad shouldn't need to sit tight for quite a long time to have them move or be left with instability as far as their capacity to remain. What we're declaring today is a more productive, more thoughtful procedure to rejoin families."

The administration of Canada anticipates inviting 64,000 new perpetual occupants as the mates, customary law accomplices, or ward offspring of Canadian natives or changeless inhabitants in 2017.
"This will be of advantage to the 64,000 life partners we plan to admit to Canada in the coming year, yet it will be of advantage to all Canadians since I feel that individuals are more profitable nationals, they improve by and large when they are with their families than when they are disengaged from their families," said McCallum.

Likewise, the legislature has set an objective of 20,000 new perpetual inhabitants under the Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP). Despite the fact that IRCC endeavors to decrease preparing times for the PGP, the 12-month target won't have any significant bearing to guardians and grandparents as of now. The following application admission period for the PGP starts on January 3, 2017.

Serve McCallum illustrated three contributory elements that will permit IRCC to accomplish its Family Class handling times objectives while holding the compulsory guiltiness, security, and therapeutic screening of all supported people.

To start with, the division has gotten $25 million CAD in extra subsidizing that has been utilized for employing and preparing staff. Second, the current stock of submitted applications keeps on being lessened. Finally, IRCC has drawn on its experience and assets to enhance productivity. Specifically, it has streamlined its operations having gained from the effective push to get more than 30,000 Syrian displaced people in a brief period the previous winter, conveying lessons gained from that venture to different classes of the nation's general movement procedure.

Serve McCallum included that specific different elements will help IRCC staff and candidates alike in diminishing handling times and rebuild the procedure. For instance, documentation confirming medicals and police historical verifications will never again be required in advance; rather, they will be required later simultaneously. What's more, there will be shorter, more succinct program guides, fewer assessment shapes, and a solitary agenda no matter how you look at it.

The new system will be operational online as of December 15, 2016. Since some applicants may have already started filling out their application using the current kit, IRCC will continue to accept new applications using the current kit until January 31, 2017. After this date, only applications using the new kit will be accepted.

In addition, IRCC confirmed that a popular pilot program that allows spouses and common-law partners of Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Canada to work while awaiting permanent resident status has been extended until December 21, 2017.

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Germany Tourist, Visitor Visa

If you plan to travel to Germany and Europe, to visit relatives, participate in a summer school or work seminar then Schengen visa is the way to travel in Germany and all the European states that are part of the Schengen agreement.

With the Schengen agreement countries in Europe decided to gradually abolish border controls, and make the movement of people much easier.

With a Schengen visa you can travel and stay not only in Germany but all 26 countries that participate in the Schengen Agreement for a period of up to 90 days:

Required documents:
  • Completed application form in English and German only
  • Passport size photographs (see visa photo requirements for details)
  • Valid national passport
  • Personal bank statements for the last three months
  • Confirmation letter from your health insurance stating coverage for emergency medical treatment with a minimum of €30,000
  • Leave letter to your company (if employed)
  • Proof of accommodation. Hotel bookings for your stay.
  • Proof of flight reservation. You can use the visa consultation services like this one or find one online.
  • No-objection certificate from school or university (if student)
  • Personal covering letter with entire travel plan (itinerary)
  • Proof of civil status: Marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse, ration card (if applicable)
  • Your driver’s license and/or utility bill in your name as proof of residence in the consular where you plan to apply for the visa
For Minors:
  • If traveling unaccompanied by parent(s), consent letter signed by both parents
  • Form signed by both parents
  • Copy of the parent(s)’ passport's data page
Where and how to apply?

You can apply at the Embassy of the country where you want to go. First-time applicants have to submit the application form along with the required documents in person. Frequent travelers may submit their application and documents via an agent or a travel agency.

It is recommended you apply for a visa at least 3 weeks before your travel date to meet any processing delays.

Paying the visa

Applicants have to pay for the visa by a bank transfer. Checks or credit cards are not accepted by embassies. The money order must be in the name of the Consulate in your home country and not be older than two months. The cost of a Schengen visa as of 2008 is €60.

Please note the visa fees will not be reimbursed in case of the visa being rejected and the price is subject to change at any time.

With a Schengen visa you are not allowed to work or study, thus it’s mandatory that you apply for a student visa or work visa (national visa) if you wish to stay for more than 90 days.

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